My Personal Experiences With Rude Customers

It was during these times that I learnt what it’s like to be treated like a non-human, ‘verbal abuse punching bag’ .


 Dear Lazy Co-workers

We all deal with them, the lazy co-worker that doesn’t pull their weight. There’s nothing worse than getting through a crazy busy shift knowing that things would be better if the one or two lazy staff members would put more effort in/work faster and get things right. I’d say the majority of service industry workers… Continue reading  Dear Lazy Co-workers

An Interview With A Barista

I met up with May, a long time Barista to ask her about customer behavior, life as a barista and why service industry jobs are a great place to start working. What are your pet peeves when it comes to rude customers? People clicking or clapping at you to get your attention, when people ask… Continue reading An Interview With A Barista

Hospitality Problems With Jennifer Lawrence’s Face

When you find out that head office wants to cut your roster and you’re already struggling to serve all the customers during busy times. How you wish you could get the last customer to leave. Fellow waitress drops plate at peak hour. When the staff choose you to serve the rude customer. When they don’t… Continue reading Hospitality Problems With Jennifer Lawrence’s Face

The Perks Of Working In Retail, Hospitality and Fast Food

This campaign has focused so much on rude customers that I’m sure it’s turned you off working in these industries but there are actually heaps of perks and it makes you a better person in heaps of ways. People Skills In these industries you’re always working with people, you’ll learn how to be comfortable talking… Continue reading The Perks Of Working In Retail, Hospitality and Fast Food

How To Deal With Rude Customers

Remain Calm This is the hardest part but try to take deep breathes and remember the issue can always be resolved. Figure Out What The Problem Is Usually this part is obvious but say a customer says it’s a restaurant their order was messed up, figure out whether the order was recorded wrong or whether… Continue reading How To Deal With Rude Customers

Defining Bad Customer Service

It’s difficult to set standards for customer service across the board because every retail, fast food and hospitality company is different and customers should have different expectations of different places. We can however set broad guidelines to use for judging customer service and determining when it’s appropriate to complain. Also check out our Facebook Page… Continue reading Defining Bad Customer Service